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What is the right age for your children to own a mobile phone

What is the appropriate age for your children to own a mobile phone?

One of the biggest dilemmas parents face in relation to their children may be at what age they should be part of technology and how much time they should spend on it.
In the debate over when a child should start having technology devices such as a cell phone or tablet, there are two positions.

What is the right age for your children to own a mobile phone

There are those who understand that a child should learn technology as early as possible, because that is the future that awaits them, because technology, as we see it today, will eventually dominate everything every day.

But, on the other hand, there are those who don't consider technology to be within the reach of the youngest and understand that their age must be at least double digits to be considered fit to own a tablet or a cell phone. The evidence is that the devices will cause them to lose social contact.
One of the problems is that the industry itself rarely talks about this issue, so it's not clear what they think, obviously driven by sales.

When should I give my child a smartphone?

There are scientific studies that support both theories, namely those that show that the sooner the better until they get used to the life that awaits them and those that consider that they must first see life as it is away from technology.

There are famous examples, such as Bill Gates who has stated on more than one occasion that he would not let his children have a smartphone until they were 14 years old. Such statements always have a flip side, since he never commented on when they got their first Windows PC, and the fact that these statements were made when a company stopped selling smartphones.

Generalizing, the fact is that the 10-12 age group seems to be the preferred category for parents to buy their children's first smartphone, which makes sense since this is the age when children's independence levels really start to deteriorate.

Sales data seems to bear this out, with several studies like Common Sense Media claiming that in 2019, nearly 70% of 12-year-olds owned a smartphone, compared to just 36% of 10-year-olds.
The problem is that the epidemic came late and the indicators seem to have changed since the epidemic crisis caused by the emerging crown virus, as the age of cell phone ownership has dropped dramatically, although, yes, it's true, it has doubled in almost every case.

We continue to highlight the complexity of this whole issue when we look at another aspect, which may hinder the theory that the age at which a child can own a cell phone may be 10 to 12.

Just because a child does not own a cell phone does not mean that they do not use it or spend time in front of it, as they often take their parents' phones.
 In all of these cases, the child does not own a cell phone, but they do use it, so the data we saw in the previous section is at least somewhat mitigated.

Do children need a smartphone and when should they be given one?

If we start from the age and under normal circumstances, it is true that from ten years old they start to socialize and it can be convenient for them to have a system to talk to their friends, especially on weekends, which is the right time.

On the other hand, we can confirm that the smartphone is a good ally in their studies, just like the computer, provided that they use it responsibly. On the other hand, the answer may not lie so much in the theory of age, but in each child, in his way of being, his behavior and his needs.

Based on the principle that parents should always be the ones to set the guidelines and that no cell phone should be left to free will, i.e. without any form of control on our part, it is the child who makes us, the parents, see if he really needs it.

The conclusion to be drawn is that it is not the device or the theory, but the child who will make us see if we should let him use the phone or wait until he is ready.