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SHAZAM adds a new feature to find parties and events near your location

Shazam adds a new feature that will help you find concerts of your favorite artists near you. So, the app will not only identify the song you are listening to, but also provide you with information about the concerts and ticket sales.

So you can use Shazam to find concerts nearby, as a new feature of the app makes it easier for users to find events and concerts nearby. And the process is simple, so you don't have to make your life difficult with lots of options.

There are two ways to find this information. On the one hand, if you search for a song with Shazam, you'll notice that it will show you not only the artist's title and name, but also his future concerts and ticket sales. Of course, this is only if this information is available and is near your location.

On the other hand, if you want to search this information for a specific artist, you can access a special page in Shazam Artist. There, artists collect information about their future concerts, locations, dates, ticket sales and much more. Content that you can search for via the Shazam app, for Android, iOS and the web version.

To provide users with all this information, Shazam uses data from the Bandsintown platform, which makes concert recommendations. One detail to keep in mind is that this new feature can be used worldwide. And yes, it will be available to everyone when this new option is launched internationally.

SHAZAM adds a new feature to find parties and events near your location


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