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What happens if I don't put my phone in airplane mode during a flight?

One of the most common requests during a flight is to activate the airplane mode on your cell phone, a request that is made at certain times during the flight.

Chances are, as a good pilot, you will activate it, but have you ever wondered why you are asked to do so?

If you don't know the answer, here's why you're being asked to do so and what happens if you don't activate this mode on takeoff or descent.

Here's what happens when you don't put your phone in airplane mode during a flight.

Here's what happens when you don't put your phone in airplane mode during a flight.

In addition to buckling your seatbelt, another of the things you need to do during a flight is to put your phone in airplane mode. Why?

The answer is that you want to avoid interference during takeoff and landing. Doing so ensures that the connections the aircraft has with the control tower are not obstructed or generating interference that could interfere with the procedure.

Activating airplane mode disables all wireless connections to the mobile device, preventing it from receiving messages, making calls or connecting to the network. In short, enabling airplane mode on a mobile device is like turning it off, making it easier to connect to the tower.

If it is not activated on demand, it interferes with the communication of the aircraft control tower. Today, some airlines already offer the possibility to connect to the wireless network in flight, but they also impose restrictions on take-off and landing times for the reasons mentioned above.

In European countries, cell phones can be used without restriction during the entire flight. But to allow it, airlines must meet conditions that ensure the smartphone signal will not generate any interference.

If you have an upcoming flight, don't forget to activate the airplane mode when the captain asks you to - it will only be for a short time and then you can reactivate it.

What happens if I don


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