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What Is a SIM Card? How Your Phone Connect to the Network

What is a phone without a SIM card? This small removable chip is the gateway to phone calls, messages, the Internet and many of the things and responsibilities that our smartphone is concerned with, so in this post we will highlight the relationship between SIM cards and the communication network.

What Is a SIM Card? How Your Phone Connects to the Network

What is a SIM card ?

A SIM card is necessary since it saves your phone number and other personal data. In most cases, you may move one SIM card between two phones and the new phone will automatically acquire your phone number.

While the SIM card may appear small on the outside, behind the scenes it activates complex wireless mechanics to connect you to the rest of the world. Many are wondering how this little plastic chip can connect to the network and keep our lives connected!!!

First, the word "SIM" is an abbreviation for Subscriber Identity Module. The SIM card is stored with a set of unique codes that signify your identity with the network provider's database. These codes also help you communicate with other networks.

The SIM card also consists of a standard 64-bit number called IMSI or International Mobile Subscriber Identity. No two IMSI numbers are identical. In addition, the SIM card also consists of a unique authentication key.


How does a sim card work?

When you turn on your smartphone, the SIM card starts searching for nearby and connected networks. The moment a SIM card finds a network, the IMSI number and unique authentication key are sent to the network tower.

Now the network tower receives your connection request, but it also needs to check if you are authorized to use the network, so it scans your IMSI number into its database. At the same time, it will also look for the Authentication Key assigned an IMSI number in its database. Let's call this Authentication Key A, i.e. Key A.

Tower airtel

Once the network tower recognizes your SIM, it will authenticate you with the A-key authentication key, and at the same time it will generate its own random key. Let's call this key B key B The key B will be sent to your smartphone along with the authentication key A to your phone. Your phone will check the authentication key and random key and generate another one. Let's call it the key C

Now that C key has been put back into the network, along with the same authentication key. It analyzes the B and C keys and now with the same authentication key, both key B and key C must match If there is a match, it gives the phone access to the network and secures it

Why are there so many special keys in sim card

Why are there so many special keys in sim card

It is in order to protect your security in the network. No one else can use your number to connect to the network because there is only one authentication key and a random key. So your network is secured safely and confidentially. This is the basis of how a SIM card enables you to connect to the network and send and receive information.



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