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How to use dark mode on any website on mobile and computer

If you are fond of dark mode, you may find websites on your PC or cell phone that do not have this feature. That is why the extension and app we show you in this article solve all these problems.

How to use dark mode on any website on mobile and computer

Although some people are not convinced about the dark mode, it is designed for those who spend many hours in front of the computer, resulting in the effect on the eyes. It is not only aesthetic, it also has a function.

This is why many websites have a so-called "dark mode," which changes the color scheme of the site to black or dark gray. Most computers and smartphones also have this option..

For example, Google recently tested a darker mode on its website, changing dark gray to all black. In addition, the tones of previously visited links and pages are adjusted to create greater contrast. Microsoft also took this step not long ago and included it in the popular Microsoft Word web application.

If you are convinced that this might be a good solution for you, we will show you how to enable it on any website, both mobile and desktop.

You can view most websites in dark mode using a browser extension or smartphone application. It is called Dark Reader and allows you to change the colors of any page.

We can install it as a browser extension. It is available for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Microsoft Edge. Just go to the official website and you can use it without major problems.

How to use dark mode on any website on mobile and computer

In some browsers, such as Firefox, you can also change the brightness, contrast, sepia color and grayscale of the dark mode. You can also set the dark mode to work only on certain websites.

On mobile devices, it is quite simple: there is an app and we provide the link to download it for both iPhone and Android. If you are an Android user, you will have to download Firefox to use the Dark Reader extension, as it is not compatible with Chrome on Android.



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