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7 dimensions of a positive self-image

A positive self-image is a necessary component of a happy and fulfilling life. It's not something that you either have or don't have it's something that you can actively cultivate, Here are seven dimensions of a positive self-image

dimensions of a positive self-image

1- Positive thinking

Be aware that everything is as good as it is. This sentence is a real test of harmonious thinking, and any objection (even the but) points to a lack of harmony and concordance in thinking.It is not at all about thinking everything is beautiful and sweeping problems under the rug, but about knowing the reality behind appearances.

The appearance of another human being can be gloomy, ugly, aggressive and bad. It seems that positive thinking does not accept this appearance, but goes into depth and recognizes the (good and right) behind the distorted everything in this way: because it will only benefit and help me. This also includes to go through life carefully and persistently, with full confidence and with a sense of humor, and to do everything that needs to be done with serenity and with a sense of gratitude to know the reality behind the false appearance, and to live in the serenity of existence full of abundance.

It is not permissible to disregard the (good) as a reality behind the apparent, and to consider it (as a moral category). The moment I realized the (good) in everything (i.e., the useful, the reasonable, the unified, and the forward motive), I recognized its essence behind the apparent.

Positive thinking, then, is basically that thinking which penetrates outwardly and reaches deep into the soul. It releases us from the compulsion to judge everything and to have to condemn negatively, and this thinking is always also connected with love; for everything is love, proclaiming the love of life to us humans. Honest positive thinking discovers love in everything.

2- Positive feeling

Positive thinking and mental health also lead to a positive feeling: open and balanced acceptance of people, and acceptance of what they are, because all people are creatures of the one God.

No person is better or worse, everyone has a different job and is in a different place. It is necessary to be positive about feelings and sensations: that a person stands confidently and securely before his feelings, and feels that he deserves to live life to the fullest.

It satisfies itself to observe them, not to judge them, and with love to let the right thing happen. It belongs to the positive sense, to the positive images; for they are stereotyped feelings. Our inner images and feelings determine 95% of our being; Therefore, it is very important to positively shape the world of feelings and inner images through the power of imagination. Always pay attention to the following: which feelings go with which images, and which inner images go with which feelings...? For example, if you have a feeling of absurdity, what image do you associate it with?

3- Positive Will

The will is a creative tool full of power, and energy focused on one point: the union of a clear intention, an unshakable faith, and the combined energy of action. The positive will is concerned with the exclusion of the special ego-centered will, which wants only the self to come to the fore.

The positive will, as an instrument of creativity, works harmoniously and ethically to the extreme: it does not seek to impose its own will, but desires for others what is good as well. It is your will, and in my will I transmit your will to creativity.

4- Positive speech

Many people talk constantly without saying anything. Then they talk about other people or use the listeners as a psychological bucket for dirt. Positive speaking means learning to articulate clearly and stop slurring words, not giving advice that no one asked for, and learning to be quiet, and that the person is sincere in word and deed, and gives gifts with words, works to encourage and comfort, and uses no words except to help, thank and bless.

Positive speaking has to do with positive listening, with listening to what the other person is saying and responding to it. Many simply close their ears - in the real sense of the word - close their mouths and ears, to take a break from their own words, and to prepare for the next stream of speech, and with this closure they do not respond to what the other person has said.

We also have the inner chatter, which is that constant chatter. It is important to silence this inner chatter (because there is no need to give advice) and to try to tune it out positively, and not only that, but to make it as quiet as possible. Life also exists where silence prevails. Silence and quiet are the tones of the soul, and in silence the hearts communicate with each other.

5- Positive Action

Positive action turns everything that is said into action. Positive action is the test of whether you are truly living positivity. Positive action includes: thoughtful, gentle, tolerant, caring, constructive, helpful, keeping promises, reliable, considerate, steadfast and persistent, regardless of others' expectations. I am aware of my responsibilities and myself in everything I do.

Learning to give and take, and to do the right thing at the right time. From (inner) leadership, and eating the right things in moderation and consciously also with an open and liberated heart, I respect the freedom of others. Positive action is movement: moving oneself and others and moving differently.

6. Positive Awareness

The source of positive awareness is certainly not the daily news. The source and origin lies within and we cannot settle for positive thinking. We have positive consciousness (in the integral sense), we must regularly enter into silence and take time for ourselves to meditate and pray. 

This is what leads man - through his knowledge of truth and reality - to be harmonious, reassuring and selfless. Everything is aimed at expanding consciousness and reaching a higher consciousness.Finally, positive consciousness means recognizing oneself as a consciousness, and whoever realizes this cannot escape his inner smile.This deep self-knowledge is written on his face.

7- Positive Life

A positive life means that one really lives, not only maintains his life, but gives it direction and shape, is the creator of his own life and of the circumstances of his own life, and above all - observes the laws of reason, walks through life calmly and unconcerned, knowing that everything is (un)important. He takes into account harmonious relationships, and also rejoices in the small things. Love life, but be ready to leave it at any time, but as long as I live, let it be in good health, purity and perfection. Direct my existence toward the Most High God and see the signs of His presence in everything.



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