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how to control your emotions | Learn to control emotions better

How can I control my emotions better, so that I can make the right decision in my personal or professional life? In answer to this question, I would say that even if we do not want to, we get carried away with emotions and are unable to take the right decision. But today in this article you will go through a better way to control your emotions.

how to control your emotions

How to control your emotion

If you get emotionally affected quickly and find it difficult to control your emotions until you do not let those feelings go away from us. Emotions become extraordinarily powerful, so learn to control them is equally powerful. Too much emotion affects your thoughts a lot, due to which you can also take wrong decisions. When you learn to control your emotions, you feel more positive, even in the time of negative events that affect you. Let us move on to the ways that will help you in controlling your emotions.

Side Effects of Being Over Emotions

Over-emotionalism gives rise to stress and negative thoughts. Being over-emotional also has a negative effect on the heart, which can lead to chest pain and high blood pressure problems, insomnia. Being overly emotional leads to a lack of energy in the body. Sometimes emotionality and stress can lead to gastroenterological problems. Along with this, many minor problems, such as complaints of stomach pain, nausea, or vomiting are felt. Digestive problems start. Because of excessive emotional stress, gradually the immune system of the person is also affected. A very emotional person gets nervous seeing the slightest difficulties and is plagued by negative thoughts.

Express your feelings in the right place instead of suppressing them.

In this article, I do not mean at all that you should suppress your feelings or you become harsh. If I tell you that you should not allow yourself to be an emotional person, then there will be no point in this because a person has to be emotional but you can control your emotions, although in real life It is not so easy to control the emotions. The right place and environment are also necessary for the expression of your feelings. If you have to decide, then make a decision beyond your emotions. Controlling emotions is an art in itself. By expressing your feelings in the right place, your feelings are neglected and your feelings are also respected.

Ways to control emotions

1. Keep calm and take a deep breath!

Whenever you find yourself getting very emotional, try to calm yourself down. Whenever you are emotional, your breathing is out of control. Take deep breaths to calm yourself down. Hold the breath for a few seconds or two, then slowly release the breath through your mouth.

2. Explain yourself!

No one else knows as much as you know yourself, so identify your emotion and try to explain yourself. Seeing a quiet place, sit alone for some time, and explain your mind about controlling your emotions. If possible, talk to yourself by speaking to yourself.

3. Don't take any decision in hurry knowing your limits and control.

First, accept your emotional state. After that, understand what you can do about it, what you are getting emotional about. You don't have to resist your sentiment in any situation but understand the situation. If in your office or in your circle of friends, if you ever joke or say something in anger, then you should avoid reacting to it immediately.

It would be better if you keep your mind calm, think for some time about what should I do or what should I say. Once you stop reacting immediately, you will be able to avoid over-emotionality. For this, whenever you find yourself very emotional, immediately take a long breath and exhale slowly, this will calm your mind, only then take a decision.



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