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Technology and the Human Race

The human race has certainly gone some distance with technology. from the age whilst he still used timber and stone equipment to an effective technology of silicon and steel, a guest posting he ceased to be a helpless prey to some predators to grow to be a god amongst beasts. and now, generation and human manner of life have rather grow to be inseparable. anywhere we look, we see its manifestations—from the most important plane to the smallest microcomputer chip. some even can't do without their gadgets beside them.

technology has to turn out to be a beast of burden of our time—doing matters we usually do in the beyond, like an in a position servant at his grasp’s aspect, equipped to help him on every occasion need arises. man created generation to serve this purpose, in order that he can then face the greater challenging issues ahead.

however what if this era, by using all manner, turns into uncontrollable with the aid of human arms? what if this beast of burden eventually turns into a monster? should this same era, which has introduced us to a state of luxury and civilization, additionally, lead us to our very own wreck? from the evolution of military guns to the appearance of the nuclear age, man is gradually realizing the truth that his little creation might someday take him to the very edges of his capacities.

however, despite all this, this fact still holds genuine: however effective it may emerge as generation is still simply one among guy’s equipment and will continue to be as such. it’s nevertheless up to its possessor on how he's going to follow the power he possesses—whether or not as a tool of progress, or an element of destruction. it could have brought humans nearer together, but not always on friendly terms. it has added our times of peace, in addition to wars and struggles; it has added us extremely good prosperities, as well as dismal catastrophes. and now, the surroundings are being trampled, and people blame technology for it. endless wars have sprung, they are saying technology is the perpetrator; animals are being caused extinction, and they say a generation is the only accountable of all. thru generation, we have created and evolved new beginnings, at the price of many quit. yet, the generation must never be blamed for all of this, but for the wrong use of it.

the impact of technology on our environment is a complete reflection of our values. therefore, we must broaden the right tradition so that it will successfully administer this technology that we have. we must show to be worthy of its ownership, for technology and corruption are an awful mixture.



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